About Us


The company Areswaneng is firstly an African word that is widely used by Northern Sotho Tribes mainly Pedi tribe.Areswaneng when translated to English simply means let’s be equal which the corner stone to this NPO’s formation.

  • Youth
  • Balance
  • Equality

Our Vision

Areswaneng NPC arises from a belief that no one is fully empowered unless they have the ability to generate the money they need to live on. Our belief is were where all united as human beings until race disconnected us, religion separated us, politics divided us and wealth classified us. This belief inspired Areswaneng's Vision Statement.


Areswaneng NPO has been found and formed upon engagement by 3 entrepreneurs from differing backgrounds and different field of studies and are all academics and making a success in their fields of endeavor and are all South Africans.


The organisation’s main objectives are to:
  1. Fostercommunity economic development and foundation.
  2. Develop and activate Youth Empowerment initiatives
  3. Sensitise communities from the 'subhuman status' to sustainable self-development projects.
The organisation’s secondary objectives will be to:
  1. To work in collaboration with other organisations that aligned with self- Actualisation.

Operating Highlights

Areswaneng’s aim is to cultivate engagement platforms such as the internet portals and roundtables that will enable citizens to engage with, and own the processes that seeks to challenge the mind-sets that have become an unspoken culture that celebrates mediocrity and render communities lost and undervalued.

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